Danger Alley


Drawing it's influence from such great 80's bands as Night Ranger, Bon Jovi, and Autograph, Danger Alley delivers an amazing live show that brings the energy and excitement back to the stage that has long been absent from American rock and roll.


Danger Alley’s music has an 80’s style with a sound for today’s rock fans.  Once you have been to a Danger Alley show, every other rock act will seem tame in comparison.



DANGER ALLEY ON TOP OF GLOBAL CHARTS World internet radio station, Number One Music, has had 3 Danger Alley songs on the top of it's charts for 6 months in a row. "Ghost In My Heart" is #14 for classic rock Globally, #19 in the nation and #1 in Utah. "Racing After Midnight" is #39 nation wide and #2 In Utah. "Bite The Bullet" is #39 nation wide and in Utah it is #3.

"Racing After Midnight"

Video Shoot

Danger Alley filmed a video for a song off of their new album on June 16th. The video will feature 8 cars from the Head Turners Car Club Of Utah. 


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