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Great White guitarist Mark Kendall has been working with Utah’s Danger Alley, producing their recent self-titled album. Kendall also contributed two songs to the CD, ones that he wrote specifically for the band. A video for one of those songs, “Keep The Faith”, can be viewed below.

Said Mark Kendall about his time with Danger Alley,


“Danger Alley was a great album project for me to work on, on several levels. One of the things I really appreciated was their musicianship and willingness to listen, and also their acceptance to change. To let go of any existing egos, isn’t always easy. In Danger Alley’s case however it wasn’t an issue.

With this new record I believe from my heart they have put themselves on a new level, and I have no doubt in the future, it will only get better. I am proud to say that I was a part of this record! I feel very good about the songs and I see great things in the future for Danger Alley. Everyone in the band performed with a free spirit and probably did some of their best performances to date. It’s always a welcomed experience for me to work with great people and become good friends. With Danger Alley I can confidently say we are friends and at the same time in tune musically. Besides all that, we had an absolute blast and it doesn’t get much better than that.”

Mark Kendal - Great White 
Sleaze Roxx
June 12, 2011 


Danger Alley is an all original Melodic Rock band that hails from Salt Lake City Utah. Founded by seasoned, veteran musicians musically formed during the '80s, their aim is to bring back the melodies, energy and fundamentally, the fun of the genre which ruled that golden decade.
 And this is what you'll hear in their just released first CD called "American Made:

 Despite of being self-produced & self-released, the first thing that impress of "American Made" is the quality of the recording and production, really professional. And the second, of course, the music: these guys have perfectly nailed the '80s American Melodic Rock at its prime.
 Think 1984's Night Ranger, Bon Jovi, Aldo Nova, Loverboy, complete with multi-part harmonies, melodious solos, keyboard flurries and catchy, really catchy choruses.

The musicians in Danger Alley are truly good at their game, and seems they have transported their quality skills to the stage too, as they have been chosen as opening act for Enuff 'Znuff, Firehouse, April Wine, Pat Travers or Great White just to mention some.
 You have to be good if you want to support these bands, and Danger Alley delivers. Really good I'd say, as you can confirm listening to "American Made".

 Wonderful slices of pure '80s Melodic Rock such as "Won't Stop Believing", the moving title track, the arena ready "Luck of the Draw" or the radio-friendly midtempo AOR of "Stay" (akin Night Ranger) are simply delicious.

 They harden the sound for a good measure on "Never Too Old To Rock" and "Welcome To The Show", balancing the record for a more impactful result.
 And then, with a song called "Catrina", you only could have a pure keyboard-driven, totally '80s AOR tune to die for. But what makes "American Made" so lovely - apart from the great songs and musicianship - it's the sound. This baby sounds like a ten-track album recorded in 1988, recapturing the magic, the 'mojo' of the era.

Danger Alley even offers a cover of Alias / Freddy Curci classic power ballad "More Than Words Can Say" (only available on the physical CD), superbly done by the way.

 Are you a Melodic Rock / AOR fan stuck in the '80s? Danger Alley's "American Made" is a must.
Highly Recommended.
Wednesday, October 08 2014 


This is the debut release by American outfit Danger Alley and it seems that they are being hailed as the new Bon Jovi, and there is certainly something in their clean and crisp radio friendly, 80’s influenced rock. The cover photo shows that they are a well experienced outfit and are all equally adept in their musical prowless and there is an element of Bon Jovi about them but also Night Ranger, Danger Danger, Winger etc. 

American Made is filled with big anthemic tracks and really does take you back to the 80’s, but they nail it with aplomb and this is no mere retro experience. Matt Wilson is outstanding on vocals and has that powerful and melodic sound that we have come to expect from American melodic rock bands and there are some exquisite guitar work from Michael E. Coones and Russ Thomas that has you cranking the volume to maximum.

There is nothing really new here, but then there doesn’t need to be. Simply revel in the joy of a music that is timeless and deserves to be huge again. 

 TC Classic Rock Society Magazine London England August 2015 

If you are looking for melodic rock then look no further than Danger Alley! We have played several of their tracks on our show and they always get a good reception and sound fantastic. All the band members have been in contact with us which is unique amongst the new bands that we have featured and shows their commitment to each other.
With a great new producer on board and a new album due for release later this year they are set up for success. However they all remain modest about their achievements. Their music deserves to reach a wider audience as they understand that both a strong melody and lyrics are important (along with a video showing their acting skills, of course!)

We on the Leisure FM "Classic Rock" show wish the band every success.

Graham Lavender
Leisure FM Radio 107.4 FM England 2016

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