This was the first Lost Carnival video filmed for the band right after Mark Kendal from Great White produced our first CD in 2011. This song, "Keep The Faith" is one of the 2 songs he wrote for the album.

"Keep The Faith"

"Tearin' The Ballroom Down"

This video was filmed at the debut show and CD release party of Lost Carnival. It features Matt Wilson. Lance Hanna and Derek Roberts, 3 of  the founding members of the band.

Lost Carnival was formed in 2011. After a year, the band changed its name to Danger Alley for about 5 years before going back to using the name Lost Carnival. During this time, the band filmed a few videos. Those videos are included on this page as well. Please enjoy this part of the Lost Carnival history.

"Welcome To The Show"

"Welcome To The Show" was filmed in Sunnyside Utah at an abandoned mining facility in 2011. Original band members at that time were Michael E. Coones/Guitar, Derek Roberts/Lead Guitar, Matt Wilson/Lead Vocals, Bruce Willson/Bass, Jimmy Page/Drums. With extra special guests: Daniel Hancock, Tracy Heaps, Megan Lee Williams, Tom Moki Gallagher, Robb Hilbert, Jim Davis, CJ Wagner & Son and many many others. Filmed by David Passey and Michael Julian / Incabulus Images. Edited by Michael E. Coones

"American Made"

"American Made" was filmed during the bands time as Danger Alley. It was also filmed in the Sunnyside abandoned mining facility just as "Welcome To The Show" was. The facility has since been torn down. Features our lead singer at the time, Rob Adamson. This song was taken from our second CD release, "American Made"

"Cryin' In The Rain"

This video was filmed as a tribute to all the men and women who died in WWII. Lost Carnival hope that we will never have to be involved in a war again.

"Take Me Back To Tokyo"

"Take Me Back To Tokyo" was the first video from the Destination Tokyo EP as Danger Alley. After a short absence, Matt Wilson was fronting the band once again. This video was filmed early 2016.

"Ghost In My Heart"

"Ghost In My Heart" Filmed in Late October 2016, The set was custom built to resemble the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland, complete with wind, lightning and a host of spooks and goblins.

"Bite The Bullet"

"Bite The Bullet" was filmed in October 2017. Song recorded at S.I.S. Studios in Salt Lake City, Utah with newest band members, Whip and John Staker.

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